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  • How can I know the investment cost for a new kitchen?
    At Floor It, we offer custom-made kitchens that are designed to meet your specific needs. It is important to note that each kitchen we create is unique, so there is no set price for a kitchen. Therefore, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your design ideas and preferences, and we'll provide you with a customised quote.
  • How can I know the investment cost for closets and cabinets?
    We understand that cost is an important consideration when investing in your home. However, since our closets and cabinetry are all tailored made to your specific preference, we don't have set prices for those items. Nonetheless, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your design ideas, and we'll provide you with a customised quote thereafter.
  • What products does Floor It offer?
    We offer: - Hardwood Flooring - SPC Luxury Vinyl - Porcelain Tiles - Kitchen Cabinetry - Bathroom Cabinetry - Closets
  • What does SPC Luxury Vinyl mean?
    SPC stands for Stone-Plastic Composite. The stone plastic composite makes the core layer of the plank ultra-durable. Additionally, the limestone in this product makes it dense, cool and highly resistant to dents and scratches. In other words, SPC is a highly rigid and durable flooring material.
  • Which specie of wood is best for flooring?
    All Species of wood are durable and suited for flooring purposes.
  • What is the price for hardwood flooring?
    The price varies per BM, depending on which species (type) of wood you choose. This is for 100% kiln-dried wood.
  • What is Kiln drying?
    Kiln drying is a process that involves the drying of wood in a chamber where air circulation, relative humidity and temperature can be controlled so that the moisture content of wood can be reduced to a target point without having any drying defects.
  • What is Kiln-dried flooring?
    Kiln-dried flooring means that the wood is dried in a kiln, when the wood is kiln dried rather than air dried you are able to select the conditions the wood is drying in, as you can manipulate the temperature and therefore the humidity levels. When it then comes to the finished product you can then be sure it is dried to the correct degree and suitable for use.
  • Do you install, sand and finish hardwood flooring?
    Yes, we install, sand and finish hardwood flooring.
  • Can you install hardwood flooring over tiles?
    Yes, you can install hardwood floors over tiles, but with a few exceptions.
  • Is Vinyl flooring waterproof?
    Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, scratch resistant, most durable and resilient as well.
  • What are rectified/ triple A tiles?
    Rectified tiles, or sharp edge tiles as they can be known, are ceramic or porcelain tiles that have been manufactured to a very precise tolerance. Due to this precision, rectified tiles are the perfect choice for fitting with a finer grout joint creating a clean, even and seamless finish. Rectified/ triple A tiles follow the same production process as non-rectified tiles except that the clay mix is moulded slightly bigger than required.
  • What sizes of tiles are available?
    We have a variety of size and style to choose from.
  • What is the process for ordering kitchen cabinets?
    How to order your kitchen cabinets? It's simple! Please see the following steps. Design detailed discussion layout, dimensions, functions etc Price estimations & 70% deposit 3d visualization Design detail adjustment Ordering of special items (if needed) Begin production Client inspection of completed product at factory & 20% deposit Installation & final 10% payment
  • Do you customize windows to suit our measurements?
    Yes, we customize windows in an array of designs sizes and types.
  • What are the types of windows that you supply?
    We offer sash, sliding and casement windows, all which are Domus manufactured.
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