The true essence of a Guyanese home is captured in the time-honoured choice of quality hardwood flooring. While most modernized floors may be beautiful for a while, they cannot compare to the distinctive and inherently more robust wood floors made by Floor It®.

Floor It
® not only produces durable hardwood floors but also offers comprehensive warranties. These products and limited warranties give you peace of mind in getting value for your investment.
While receiving quality products backed by a warranty is important, proper installation and maintenance of your new hardwood floor are also essential to ensure years of beauty and enjoyment. 
This guarantee is provided by Floor It
® and applies for 10 years from the date of purchase. This guarantee is not transferable. It applies to the first owner of the floor.


Structural Warranty

Floor It® guarantees that our wood floors’ milling, grade, and moisture content has been manufactured in accordance with US FAS and better or Guyana grading rules GR06S standard and Better. Floor It® warrants that all our hardwood floors, in their manufactured condition, are free from defects in material and workmanship, including milling, assembly, structure, dimensions and grading. As a result, we assure you that your floor is stably sound and will not easily split, crack, or warp when properly installed.

Finish Warranty

We guarantee that floors sanded and finished by Floor It® will create a timeless elegance within your home. If you choose Floor It® to finish your hardwood floors which would include installation, sanding and finishing, we guarantee that your floor will not wear within 10 years from the time of work done under normal residential traffic. This warranty does not cover scratches, dents, gouges or damage to the finish caused by exposure to excess moisture or from dragging a heavy or sharp object across the floor. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of this service and is not transferable.
What we will do in the event of a claim under this warranty:
Should the floor act in any way significantly different from what is expected, Floor It
® will perform a flooring inspection to assess the severity of the situation and the reason behind such behaviour.
Should the problem relate, in any way, as a fault on our part:
1. Manufacturing the floors, we will take all possible steps to repair or replace the floor to your satisfaction. This warranty only covers the repair or replacement of affected material; it does not cover any labour costs. Suppose the flooring material for which the claim is being made is no longer available. In that case, Floor It
® will replace the affected flooring material with a product of equal or greater value. If, after reasonable attempts, Floor It® is unable to correct the defect covered under this warranty: Floor It® will refund, if requested, the purchase price for the portion of the floor that is found to be failing. Floor It® reserves the right to send a designated representative to inspect the floor and remove samples to evaluate the claim. This warranty is not transferable; it extends only to the original purchaser of the material. This warranty is limited to a one-time repair or replacement of defective material and shall be the buyer’s exclusive remedy.
2. If you sand and refinish your hardwood flooring at any point, you’re automatically voiding the Finish Warranty.
Any claims for warranty must be made within 30 days after it has been detected by contacting: Andre Cummings
Email: acummings@flooritgy.com Contact #: (592) 623-0197

Warranty Exclusions

Natural Wood Characteristics: As wood is a natural material, there will always be infinite variations in colour and grains within given species. Factors such as age, wood grain, and sunlight exposure will also impact wood's visual appearance. Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as wood grain, colour variation, mineral streaks and knots are not considered defects if they are appropriate for the grade of wood being purchased.

Natural Expansion/Contraction of Installed Planks: As a natural material, wood expands and contracts because of temperature changes and relative humidity levels (50-65%)at the installation site. It is thus typical for properly installed flooring to experience minor separation or spacing between planks, but this will not warrant a claim. Flooring damaged because of excessively low or high humidity levels at the installation site is not considered a manufacturing issue and will not warrant a claim.

Exposure to Sunlight: Normal exposure to sunlight daily will result in changes in wood flooring shades and colours. Floor mats with rubber backing may also cause finish discolouration. These colour or finish changes are not considered a manufacturer's issue.

Gloss Reduction: Normal surface wear may cause a reduction in the "glossiness" of hardwood flooring. While this may be more noticeable with high-gloss flooring or darker stain colours, it is not considered a manufacturer's defect. 

Structural Support Issues: Hardwood flooring can sometimes produce squeaking noise when walking on. This is often the result of floor planks rubbing together due to improper or weak support from the flooring's subfloor. This squeaking is especially common with floating installations in site environments with high humidity levels or extreme temperature changes. This and other issues related to the flooring's structural support are not considered manufacturing defects. This Falls Under installation issues.


Improper Use of Flooring: Hardwood flooring is manufactured for indoor use only. Flooring installed in areas directly exposed to the outdoor elements is not protected by the manufacturer's warranty. 


Improper installation: The customer has the right to install their floors by a third party (contractor). These warranties do not cover damage caused by improper storage, handling, or installation methods. Improper preparation of, or deficiencies in, the subfloor/floor joist assembly, including but not limited to excessive floor deflection, uneven or irregular subfloor surface (particularly at joints) or voids in the subfloor, are not covered under these warranties.


Improper environment: Floor It® hardwood floors are not warranted against damage caused by man-made or natural disasters, including but not limited to leaking or broken plumbing, landscape watering/irrigation, fire, flood, earthquake, insect infestation, or standing water during or after construction.


Improper maintenance: Floor maintenance recommendations outlined in this guide must be followed. Damage to the flooring, such as dents, scratches, or dulling of the finish, is NOT covered. These limited warranties do not cover wet or damp-mopping your floor with water or other substances. In addition, the following are NOT covered under these limited warranties: use of hardwood floor cleaning machines; use of non-recommended maintenance and floor-care products, including but not limited to oil soaps, liquid, or paste wax products, other household cleaners that contain lemon, orange, or Tung oils; neglect or abuse of the hardwood floor, including but not limited to not taking proper precautions to protect furniture legs and feet with protective pads to reduce scratches and dents; not using dollies and protective plywood when moving heavy objects; furniture or appliances having dirty or improperly operating casters; spiked and damaged heels; pet claws and scratches; falling or dropped objects which can dent or fracture the flooring and finish; and dents or scratches in the flooring caused by furniture, appliances, casters, or regular foot traffic.


Failure to Maintain Flooring per Manufacturer's Guidelines.


Like any floor covering, our finished wood floors will show signs of wear over time, depending on the size and lifestyle of your family. By observing a few precautions and setting up a regular cleaning routine and maintenance program, you can expect years of beauty from your hardwood floor. The following maintenance recommendations are provided as a general guideline. Your personal maintenance requirements will vary depending on the wear and tear on your floors. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to perform more frequently or less frequently


Daily sweep or dust mop.


Weekly vacuum using the bare floor setting.


Monthly clean with recommended wood flooring cleaner such as Bona Hardwood Floor Care System. It can be purchased from Amazon. 


Every 3-5 years or as needed –apply a maintenance coat.


Every decade or as needed –sand and refinish.


Regular Maintenance


  • Clean your wood floors with a damp or terry cloth mop/applicator. Wipe in the direction of the grain (length of the boards).

  • Just dust mop, or vacuum your wood floor as needed. Never wet mop or flood your floor with water.

  • Avoid Using Cleaners that contain oil soaps or surfactants.

  • Setup precautions and a regular maintenance program depending on your specific traffic conditions.


Preventive Maintenance


  • Install floor protectors(gliders, felt pads)on all furniture legs, especially if it has the potential of moving on the wood.

  • Make sure you use the correct size and pad thickness for the weight and size of the furniture.

  • Clean and replace felt pads yearly or sooner if they are thinning out or damaged.

  • Gritty sand and dirt are abrasive to wood floors. Use protective mats at doorways.

  • Use rugs (non-rubber-back) in high-traffic areas, such as at all exterior doors, in front of refrigerator, dishwasher and sink.

  • Keep floors clean and free of dirt & sand. Dust mop and/or vacuum as needed. Do not use a vacuum that has a beater bar, metal wheels, and/or metal or hard plastic attachments. Best to use felt or fine brush attachments. Make sure plastic wheels are free of dirt before vacuuming. Set up precautions and a regular maintenance program depending on your specific traffic conditions.

  • Wipe up spills immediately.

  • Avoid Using Furniture duster sprays on wood floors.

  • Avoid Using Cleaners that contain oil soaps or surfactants.

  • Avoid using a Sharp Steamer or any other type of steam cleaning machine on wood floors.

  • All dogs, especially large dogs, will cause scratches and dents on a wood floor.