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Custom-Made Kitchen, Melamine Double Veneer, Chocolate

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This kitchen is the perfect example of how small kitchens can look fabulous, provided you choose the right colours and layout design. The warm brown paired with black stools, white subway tiles and grey countertops bring out a cosy yet inviting vibe in this kitchen. We especially love how the black stools match with the black handles on the doors and drawers, while the chrome extractor and appliance match with the grey countertops. Another outstanding design element in this kitchen is the open shelves that display your treasured items. But above all, the functional island is proof that small kitchens can still facilitate elegance, functionality and style.

A final point to note about this gorgeous kitchen is that the matte finish offers a smooth texture that reduces the appearance of scratches, fingerprints and dust on the surfaces. In essence, this Custom-Made Melamine Double Veneer kitchen is a win in all aspects!

Some features may include:

  • Cutlery organizer
  • Available in different finishes- matte, gloss, matte satin
  • Customized dimensions

  • Elevator basket- A practical and contemporary storage solution
  • Magic corner- With this pull-out cabinet organizer, you can fully use the cabinet's blind corner space and easily take the stuff inside the cabinet
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