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Demerara Oak® Hardwood Flooring (Neomodern)

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Demerara Oak®, also known as Darina and Angelim Pedra, is an ideal specie for producing timeless pieces for your indoor and outdoor projects. Demerara Oak is medium tan to yellow with dark red and brown vertical striping. It boasts defined wood grains with unique patterns and open pores, allowing it to accept wood finishes easily. So if you are looking for trendy flooring for your contemporary home or rustic flooring for your modern home, then Demerara Oak is the specie that will give you the effect and atmosphere you are creating for your space.

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Then you can add contrast and character to your space with this neomodern finish. Choose the colour that best appeals to your style and shake things up in your home. Remember, with Demerara Oak, you will never have boring flooring. This specie allows you to refinish with a different colour if that is what you desire. So be as bold as you would like to be with Demerara Oak.


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