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Fitted Kitchen | Contemporary High Gloss, Dark Grey, HQ009/14

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Winter colours like grey strike an appealing balance between white and black, accomplishing that chic appeal. It can also bring a gloss, contemporary kitchen to a level of luxury. It creates an engaging and cohesive ambience and pairs beautifully with the high gloss finish. You will be excited to entertain and host intimate dinner parties in this sophisticated and inviting space.

Anxious; that creating a contemporary kitchen will soon be an outdated trend? While trends come and go, true style is eternal. Staple designs like high gloss remain ever-popular over time. Sleek and elegant high-gloss kitchens offer both physical durability and style longevity. It is easy to clean! Nobody wants to spend hours meticulously scrubbing their kitchen. You’ll be glad to know that slick lacquered surfaces are waterproof, making it harder for grime to stick and easier to clean.

Some features may include:

  • Cutlery organizer

  • Customized dimensions
  • Elevator basket-A useful and modern storage solution
  • Magic corner- With this pull-out cabinet organizer, you can fully use the cabinet's blind corner space and easily take the stuff inside the cabinet
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