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Purpleheart Hardwood Flooring

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At Floor It, our hardwood floorings reflect the latest trends in home furnishings, creating a unique charm and giving you the feel of modern luxury. Our hardwood floors offer beauty and performance and are crafted with utmost care to ensure that you have floors you’ll love for many years.

Purpleheart is versatile lumber you can use for internal and external projects. It is durable and has a rich, vibrant colour. Purpleheart can be used as flooring, moulding, cladding and stairs - creating a vibrant appeal and dramatic accents in your dwelling space.

Note: Spirit-based finishes will remove the purple colour, while lacquer-based finishes will preserve its natural colour.

Rot Resistance: Purpleheart is a very durable specie, and it resists both decay and most insect attacks. Notwithstanding, it is susceptible to marine borers attack.

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